Mrs Sara Badvie

MB BS (Hons) BSc (Hons) MS FRCS (Gen.Surg)
Female Colorectal & General Surgeon in London
Colorectal Clinical Lead, London Surgical Skills Programme, Imperial College
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‘Thank you for the care – I felt very reassured that I was in good hands.’ Patient, 2022

‘Thank you so much for your explanations. You are so clear and I understand.’ Patient, 2022

‘You are the best doctor I’ve ever come across. Ever. I’ve told everyone. My daughter has seen you too and says so.’ Patient, 2022

‘I came across your letter again about my mother whom you kindly saw last year. I realise I never wrote to thank you personally for your exceptional skill and kindness in consulting with my mother, and alongside her my father and me as her advocates, with all the difficulties involved as a result of her lack of capacity.’Family J, 2021

‘You have a really good way of explaining things as you go along. It’s very reassuring and it’s quite a skill.’Patient S, 2021

‘It’s not often that I come across someone so willing to take the time to speak to me as much as you do, so thank you very much.’ Patient I, 2021

‘Thank you so much. I really appreciate you taking the time to write to me, and many thanks for all the care you have given me.’ Patient Z, 2020

Thank you for all your help and reassurance.’ Patient G, 2020

‘I don’t know what I would have done without coming here and seeing you. Thank you.’ Patient L, 2020

‘Thank you very much for the detailed letter. I appreciate the time and clarity provided and it will be very useful to me in my decisions for the next steps.’ Patient D, 2020

‘Thank you for your help and advice, much appreciated, also for supporting the NHS at the Nightingale Hospital in the Covid pandemic.’ Patient W, 2020

‘Thank you so much for working at the Nightingale – on behalf of everyone, your work is appreciated.’
Patient C, 2020

‘It was a pleasure meeting you, Mrs Badvie. Thank you for your thorough, reassuring and good-humoured consultation.’ Patient T, 2020

‘I want to feedback on how easy it was to use your online virtual office. It was excellent – so easy to make an appointment.’ Patient S, 2020

‘Thank you for being so nice about my problems.’ Patient G, 2019

‘You’ve been so lovely about this and given me peace of mind. Thank you.’ Patient L, 2019

‘Amazing, gentle approach. So helpful and kind.’ Patient B, 2019

‘Thank you for being so candid. Such excellent discussions with you.’ Patient N, 2019

‘You’re amazing, I’ve felt so comfortable with you. Thank you.’ Patient Y, 2019

‘I’d forgotten how reassuring you are, after you treated me. I knew you were the right person to bring my mother to see.’ Family of patients, 2019

‘I’m so glad I came to see you. Now I understand hernias and this lump. So reassuring.’ Patient G, 2019

‘Good to find a compassionate doctor when it comes to intimate problems like this – thank you.’ Patient V, 2018

‘I can’t tell you how immensely relieved I am to get some closure on my problems now that you’ve found the cause. I’m so glad I picked you out of all the profiles I saw. You came highly recommended.’ Patient S, 2018

‘You’re very normal and not all scary and suited, if you know what I mean! I’ve felt so comfortable with you. Thank you so much for your help.’ Patient C, 2018

‘I have felt very comfortable with Mrs Badvie. She really listened and gave me confidence that she understood my problem.’ Miss L, 2017

‘I have never felt safer in a doctor’s hands. Thank you so much.’ Miss F, 2016

Thank you for your care and explanations. I feel like you really understand what I have been going through’ Mrs S, 2015

‘I know I am just one of many patients you must see on a daily basis, but I wanted to write and say a big thank you to you for my examination and for your diagnosis being right on’ Mrs P, 2014

‘Thank you so much for my examination and CT scan. I am certainly reassured and relieved by your findings. Many thanks for all your skill and kindness’ Mr W, 2014


Feedback after our general surgery operations:

‘Thank you – having my hernia operation here with you has actually been a very nice experience.’ Patient, 2022

‘I wanted to write and thank you for being such a wonderful doctor. Your kindness, compassion and expertise shone through every time I saw you. I am incredibly grateful for your care. Everyone who has seen my scar has said how neat it looks, and that I must have had an excellent surgeon – to which I say ‘yes!’. Thank you again.’ Patient, 2022

‘Thank you very much for my hernia surgery. A great job. All sorted.’ Patient, 2022

‘It’s been a very smooth and slick process and I’m very grateful for my hernia repair.’ Patient, 2022

‘Thank you so much. I decided not to use the painkillers after surgery and I’m very grateful for all your help.’
Patient N, 2021

‘Thank you so much for taking such good care of me whilst I was asleep and for all your explanations and advice.’ Patient H, 2021

‘You’re so clear. I thought I would have this pain forever. Thank you. I wish I had come to see you sooner.’
Patient K, 2021

‘I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the hernia surgery. Thank you so much.’ Patient D, 2021

‘My operation and recovery were so smooth. Thank you. Really happy. Excellent care.’ Patient N, 2020

‘Thank you so much. You’ve been great. Really appreciated.’ Patient A, 2019

‘You have a very reassuring tone and way about you. Thank you.’ Patient D, 2019

‘So much better than I imagined it would be – so smooth. Thank you for my surgery.’ Patient C, 2019

‘I’d like to say a huge thank you for the surgery and all your help.’ Patient P, 2019

‘I’ve had a very good experience overall – thank you. My wife would also like to come and see you about a similar problem.’ Patient B, 2019

‘Thank you so much for my gallbladder operation. My recovery after the keyhole surgery has been so quick. I am very grateful’ Mrs N, 2018

‘I knew my gallbladder operation would go well if I picked you.’ Mrs I, 2017

‘Such a reassuring way about you and your explanations of surgery. Thank you.’ Mr P, 2016

‘Thank you for being so considerate when you performed the bilateral laparoscopic hernia repair on me. All I remember is your reassuring face appearing as I was slowly fading into deep slumbers! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job.’ Mr L, 2014

‘Thank you for the excellent care that my father received during his gallbladder operation.’ Ms Y, 2014

‘We cannot thank you enough for everything you did to ensure our son’s recovery. He is again a healthy young man, after such a threat to his life. We are so grateful.’ Mr & Mrs S, 2011

‘Thank you for the courtesy and service extended to me when I underwent a hernia repair. I felt that the attention accorded to me was exemplary, yet without any undue fuss. All appears to be progressing well, without any ensuing problems, and I thank you once again.’ Mr R, 2007

‘I was really touched by the level of care and thoughtfulness that we were shown during my son’s groin operation, and want to thank you for your professionalism and kindness.’ Mrs M, 2005


Comments after colorectal surgery:

‘Absolutely fantastic. The surgery was life-changing. Cannot thank you enough.’ Patient, 2022

‘I wish I had come to you sooner for my operation. So much better now. Life is so different.’ Patient, 2022

‘Thank you very much for sorting out my ‘issue’, as I call it. I’ve had a real quality of life improvement.’
Patient, 2022

‘Thank you for your expert surgery. I’ll be recommending you to everyone.’ Patient, 2022

‘Nothing short of a miracle, really. You have changed my life and improved my quality of life beyond measure.’
Patient W, 2021

‘I feel absolutely fine now. I wish I’d come to see you sooner.’ Patient H, 2021

‘Thank you for getting to the root of my problem. I was so happy to find you – no other women in your speciality, it seems.’ Patient G, 2021

‘Thank you for all your hard work at such a difficult time with Covid. I am so grateful that after a year of these symptoms, I was able to come in and have an operation and now things are so much better. Thank you.’
Patient M, 2021

‘I hope you inspire a whole generation of women to come into your work. I’m so glad I found you. Your manner is very calming and the procedure and whole team were so reassuring. Thank you.’ Patient K, 2021

‘Thank you for all that you’ve done. I’ve had no symptoms after the treatment and I feel fantastic.’
Patient F, 2021

‘Thank you for my surgery. It has changed my life.’ Patient F, 2020

‘All has been well since my treatment. Thank you to Sara for her help and expertise.’ Patient B, 2020

‘Thank you for the operation and for everything. I’ve had a suprisingly good experience.’ Patient B, 2020

‘Thank you very much for my operation. It has been a very positive experience from my point of view.’
Patient B, 2020

‘Thank you so much for the operation. I feel like you have a great sense of care. Thanks for everything.’
Patient M, 2020

‘Thank you. I wish I had come to you a year ago. It’s made such a difference to my life, I can’t tell you. Thank you again.’ Patient B, 2020

‘Thank you so much. My care has been excellent and I’m so happy that I had this surgery with you.’
Patient S, 2019

‘You must have done an excellent job. I had no pain after the surgery and I didn’t take any painkillers. Thank you.’ Patient H, 2019

‘Thank you so much for your excellent care, advice and operation. I hope to never see you again – in the best possible way!’ Patient T, 2019

‘You’ve been fantastic – so reassuring, all through my care and operation. So much bedside manner. Amazing. Thank you.’ Patient E, 2018

‘I feel like I’m in such good, safe hands. Thank you so much.’ Patient W, 2018

‘I can’t thank you enough. If I could, I would set up a monument to you, really! I was in such agony before the surgery. I wish I had come to you earlier. I’ll recommend you to everyone.’ Patient V, 2018

‘Thank you so much. You really have been fabulous and the surgery was so much better than I thought it would be. I searched high and low to find a surgeon like you – and I’m so glad I did. I’ve felt so comfortable with you. Thank you again.’ Patient D, 2018

‘I can’t thank you enough. I had been in such terrible pain before surgery. I wish I had come to you sooner. I will recommend you.’ Ms V, 2018

‘Thank you so much for the operation and for all your help. I will recommend you to everyone. Keep helping people! Mrs V, 2017

‘Thank you again. You’re so reassuring and nice. I don’t know why you do this job, but I’m very glad that you do!’ Mrs L, 2017

‘We can never thank you enough for what you did for our elderly aunt, when she suffered with a strangulated bowel. Your skill and that of your team in the operating theatre, together with expert care in the intensive care unit, saved her life.’ Ms C, 2012

‘I want to particularly thank you for bearing with us whilst we made our decisions regarding surgery, and then for performing the operation so successfully.’ Ms H, 2012

‘Thank you, Mrs Badvie, for your care of my mother. You have given her another chance in life.’ Ms S, 2009

‘Many thanks for all you and your team have done for me during my stay in hospital. Your skill and professionalism have helped me start to recover earlier than I thought possible after such major surgery. Forever thankful.’ Mr M, 2007

‘Thank you for all your help and kindness, Miss Badvie, during my cancer care.’ Mrs O, 2007


What people say about endoscopy with us:

‘Thank you. You’ve made this all as comfortable as possible.’ Patient, 2022

‘Thank you for taking the time to explain the procedure to me in such detail.’ Patient, 2022

‘I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the fantastic medical care I have received from you and your team. Thank you for your words of encouragement, professionalism and calm demeanor especially when my anxiety got the better of me and for your immense care and comfort during my procedure. I am thankful knowing I was in very good hands. Continue to be a blessing to others.’ Patient, 2022

‘Thank you so much. Such an unpleasant test and yet you made me feel so comfortable.’ Patient, 2022

‘You made everything so much more comfortable with your manner in the examination, the colonoscopy and the discussion. It’s a real skill. Thank you.’ Patient C, 2021

‘The colonoscopy was as pain-free as it could possibly be. I wouldn’t want to have one every day, mind, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be.’ Patient N, 2021

‘Thank you for being so brilliant and so lovely and I wish you all the best.’ Patient M, 2021

‘Thank you. You are very comforting to be around. I feel very reassured.’ Patient T, 2021

‘You made something that could have been very unpleasant into a positive and reassuring experience so thank you so much for your kindness and skill.’ Patient C, 2021

‘So reassuring to have the colonoscopy with you. I will tell the hospital about how you give so much information – always contactable. Thank you so much.’ Patient D, 2020

‘You made something I was terrified of so much easier. Thank you.’ Patient W, 2020

‘I would like to thank Mrs Badvie for looking after me so well and being so kind, informative and very professional. I was in very good hands during my procedure and I’m very happy with my care. I am going to recommend my husband sees her too.’ Patient R, 2020

‘As colonoscopies go, you made it as comfortable as it could have been and I wasn’t afraid, which means a lot to me.’ Patient G, 2020

‘Thank you very much for everything – the test was so comfortable, I didn’t need the medicine. You have been so kind – I couldn’t wish for anyone nicer. Such a nice lady.’ Patient B, 2019

‘You’re the best, the absolute best – that’s why I come to London to see you. Thank you so much for all your help.’ Patient H, 2019

‘Thank you – everything has been so good. Even the colonoscopy was fine, I felt happy with it, and fine after, no problems.’ Patient K, 2019

‘I just want to thank you and your team so much – you’ve all been so amazing. Your explanations were really calming. Your nurses are so kind, they talked to me throughout the test and you know how nervous I was about it. It really helped.’ Patient U, 2019

‘Thank you so much for your care. Your demeanour and way of communicating has made this so much easier.’
Patient A, 2019

‘Thank you so much for being so kind and considerate. I was so worried about what you might find during my colonoscopy, but it seemed to go so quickly! The only thing I felt was the pinch during the biopsies which you mentioned I would. Thank you again.’ Patient B, 2018

‘I’m really happy with how my colonoscopy went – it really was as painless as it could have been. Thank you.’
Patient C, 2018

‘Thank you so much for being so kind and considerate. I was so worried about what you might find during my colonoscopy, but it seemed to go so quickly! Your demeanour makes these embarrassing tests so much easier and more comfortable.’ Mrs B, 2018

‘My GP said you were good when I asked for a referral, but I’ll tell her that actually you are very good!’ Mrs F, 2017

‘The care I have had has been excellent and my colonoscopy was unexpectedly painless.’ Mr P, 2016

‘I underwent a flexible sigmoidoscopy examination by Mrs Badvie for the first time. Based on previous experiences elsewhere, I was viewing the anticipated experience with some trepidation. To my surprise, I experienced no discomfort during the examination, due I believe, to Mrs Badvie’s technical and personal skills. I would like to commend those skills to you, although I am sure that you are well aware of them already.’ Mr S, 2013

‘I was delighted with the result of my colonoscopy. Thank you for all your hard work, not forgetting all your wonderful nursing staff.’ Ms C, 2012


Standard interval anonymised colleague feedback exercise:

‘It is an absolute pleasure working with Sara and she is always friendly and thoroughly professional. Really good clinically in terms of her skills and knowledge with excellent results. Always takes time to give a balanced opinion to her patients.’ 2022

‘Delivers an exceptional clinical service.’ 2022

‘Doing a great job. Great colleague.’ 2022

‘How to improve? Nothing. She needs to just continue her excellent work.’ 2022

‘An excellent surgeon who is approachable for patients and colleagues, maintains her expertise and shares her knowledge through education. Mrs Badvie puts her patients first, has excellent rapport building and communication skills and is very effective in holistic care’ 2017

‘Excellent team leader. Communicates appropriately and effectively with all staff in the operating theatre’ 2017

‘Understands the notion that every patient may have different needs and aspirations’ 2017

‘Sara is caring and respectful towards patients and colleagues. Very helpful and supportive’ 2017